#37: Well, there goes Fall

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Now back to our irregularly scheduled blog post:

I frequently find my blog posts languishing in draft form, often weeks after I begin to write them. There's a reason our generation only creates content in listicle form. 

I have a list of events since my last post, but honestly, it's been quite a blur. Here are the highlights:


Merav's Wedding:

We started from the Harbin, now she here. Sad (and FOMO'd up the wazoo) that I missed the official wedding, but made it to the international after party. Congratulations to you, Merav!!! As one of my 5 readers, you will see this (maybe).  I'm so happy I got the chance to share a small part of your celebration, and more importantly, that I saw the built-in thingamajig on the youknowwhat. You know what I mean. 

In less life-changing news (or maybe not, it depends where you get your joie de vivre I guess), New England feasting on fried clams, chowda and lobster is worth any weight loss derailment it causes. 

AlphaLab Demo Day: 

5 minute pitch, in front of 400+ people, on a stage I've seen rockers and pop stars perform on... yeah. I did my best to #leanin and feel all grown up. 

Strugglefest on the outfit, though. After being told I couldn't wear a black shirt (blends into the stage blah blah) I dredged up the only thing of color I owned in Pittsburgh... or in general. So here I am, in all my orange glory. Take it in world. 


Startup - Post Accelerator, Now What?

No update here, I'm seriously asking.

But if I have to give you an update, we just hustlin'. More updates once we finish our first project (the educational Holocaust VR experience). 

 This year vs Last year

This year vs Last year

NYC Marathon: 

This killed me. Thank you to all who virtually cheered me on via the app, and my parents who showed just the right amount of concern and nonchalance when I casually mentioned that I wanted to die at mile 17. Any more concern, I would have given up then and there. As it happens, there is nothing more disheartening than wanting to quit in the Bronx at mile 81979bdvhksd and realizing that you might as well finish because if you give up, it will take you a billion years to get home anyway so you need to suck it up and deal with it. And no one is crying for you because it's totally voluntary and you signed up and paid for this crap and what the hell is wrong with you and these are major first world problems. 

Needless to say, I am not entering the lottery again. 

Weight Loss Journey:

I've lost 17 lbs! Also, since joining weight watchers, I've been hooked on their social media section called "Connect". I tried posting on it a few times, but that didn't stick. What I'm addicted to is following everyone else's drama. Let's just say someone is not happy that her fiance left her 2 weeks before the wedding, after she just lost 50 lbs. Mmhmm. Girl. 

THAT'S ALL FOLKS. Until the next time. 

#36: I can feel it coming in the air tonight

Phil Collins has been tearing it up on my spotify 80s hits station, and now I can't stop hearing that first line to the song. Now it's in your head too. You're welcome.

Anyway, here we are. Nearly October. I've been a terrible blogger. 

Updates from my life:

ONE) I joined Weight Watchers and slowly lost 13 lbs. Yeah! I'm trying to slowly give up animal by-products because I saw this scary doc called Forks Over Knives on Netflix, that convinced me that I am on the cusp of heart disease, not to mention the environmental implications of meat eating blah blah blah ANYWAY... my pants are a little looser. I swear, I could lose like 30 lbs and still be in my same wardrobe. Who are this mystical people who lose 5 lbs and go down a size? 

TWO) My startup is chugging along. We have made some progress on both our technology and our VR project about the holocaust. When I have more to share, I will be sure to post about it. In the meantime please follow us on social media so that we don't look like fools:

  1. https://www.facebook.com/StitchbridgeVR/
  2. https://twitter.com/stitchbridgeVR
  3. https://www.instagram.com/stitchbridgevr/
  4. https://medium.com/@StitchbridgeVR
  5. And of course our website: www.stitchbridge.com

We will mainly post on facebook I think, but we're going to try keeping a blog (you all know how that's been going for me, so need I say more) and it's still TBD on whether we will just host those postings on the website or Medium. Medium, for ya'll not familiar, is like Twitter's Mansplaining brother. Essentially the same, but with a longer word count and higher sense of entitlement. Yay for self-publishing! 

Our accelerator (AlphaLab) ends with a bang on Nov. 2. Called Demo Day, this is basically the final presentation you give to the people who invested in you, might invest in you, have hired you in the past, might hire you in the future... you get the idea. I think we are in a good place so far, but this approaching deadline brings me to my final update-

THREE) I'm really freaking out, it's only like a month until the NYC Marathon. I'm doing much MUCH better in my prep than LY, but lets be honest. I saw a blind man in his 70s, wearing a tux run faster than me last November so I feel like that's not much encouragement. 

 The after party for the 5-year, or how sarabeth REALLY needed matzoh ball soup at 3am

The after party for the 5-year, or how sarabeth REALLY needed matzoh ball soup at 3am

In final news, my 10 year (WTF) high school reunion is coming up. I don't think I'll be going. I guess I'll miss the "engagement" reunion. I'm not worried, we still got babies, divorces, second marriages on our timeline. Many milestones to come. 

#35: In which she attempts to reconnect with the blogo

Hello friends-


It's been a minute since I last wrote. In that time I:

  1. Graduated my master's program (yay)
  2. Started working on my startup (I'm having a hard time coming up with synonyms for "starting a startup, started a startup... you get the picture)
  3. Realized that I will not be immediately returning to new york city (cry cry)
  4. Began my training for the NYC Marathon 2017!! (Cry cry cry - don't even ask me). 
  5. My startup (that I'm... starting up... see what I mean?) is in production on our first project - a (drumroll) VR experiential documentary about the Holocaust. I went to Poland. Many pierogies, nary a vegetable, much depressing. 
  6. My startup is also part of an accelerator here in Pittsburgh. Yay!
    1. Side note, after 4 months of struggle to secure the ".COM" domain name for my company, it FINALLY became available. This, though petty, brought me tremendous joy. RIP ".WORK" URL, you won't really be missed.
      1. PPS - ".work" is indeed a URL, but apparently for new tech startups, the in fashion URL is ".IO" So yeah. 

I realize that the longer I wait to post on this here thing, the more I dread it because I want to write something extensive, include pictures, be witty, but I think it's counter productive to the whole idea of this. Which is, honestly, to give a superficial update of my life to people I may not get a chance to speak with on a regular basis. That way, when we do see each other, I don't have to talk about myself.

But really I'm overthinking this because I'm pretty sure my parents are the only ones reading each post: (Hello!)

"Love your post this week!"

"Why didn't you mention XYZ."

"Send me the link again, I lost it."

"Stop spamming me please." 

"I think you should probably stop eating carbs."

ANYWHOOSIE I promise to *try* and post once a week. I shall begin the chronicles of my #startup life. #leanin. 

In other news, I am listening to a podcast called "How I Built This" which is just a circle jerk for successful people, but I find it inspiring... As I am, after all, an *#entrepreneur*. But this tidbit also leads me to my latest obsession (learned from an episode of HIBT) which is the TRX, an amazing rope/suspension thingy that gets at muscles in my body that have not moved since they were constructed by my DNA. I used it at equinox back when I had a steady income (cry cry) but to be honest most of my memory of equinox consists of that one kettle bell class that injured my back and the eucalyptus moist cool towels. 

And with that, I depart. 

#34: the resurrection: an epic haiku of my last month

1. Upon attending an industry conference

My thoughts attending

A game conference include:

My hair is not pink.

2. Upon my startup company forming

Signatures needed,

Returned to lawyer asap.

Is this leaning in?

3. Upon visiting LA

"You up for a hike?"

I only have black clothing.

But yoga pants work...

4. Upon catching deathly ill on my return flight

Sitting in the plane,

Woman in front is coughing.

Trying not to breathe.

5. Upon being prescribed an antibiotic, narcotic cough syrup and steroid

Here I sit in bed,

Counting meds... do unicorns

Do income taxes?




#33: Updates from the multiverse

The Multiverse in question refers to my genetic whosamacallit.  

Christmas presents for the wang/boak household included 23andMe kits, which test your genetic code for carrier genes, traits and ancestry.  Lo and behold my genetic testing reveals: I am half asian, half european. I asian glow. I can detect asparagus in my urine (ew who can't?). I have 81% more Neanderthal variants than other 23andMe customers.  EIGHTY ONE PERCENT. But not to worry, that's only 4% of my overall DNA. Uhhhh. Ok. 

 Throwing the thumbs up!  

Throwing the thumbs up!  

In other updates, it has been 5 months since my last post.  In the break, I worked on a project called the Museum of Broken Relationships: Pittsburgh.  It was incredible and stressful.  And way way more experience with power tools and lumber than I ever want to have again.  Check out the page on my portfolio to read a little more and click on some of the press links to see quotes from yours truly about the project.  In other things I accomplished over my 5 month blog hiatus, I ran the marathon.  By running I mean jogging.  By jogging I mean intermittent jogging.  By intermittent jogging I mean crying.  Here's a picture! --> -->

(Don't even bother looking up my time.  You could've timed me via sun dial)

And in retail therapy news, I bought a new computer.  It's pretty.

This semester, I'm working on a student pitch project where we are using the Amazon Echo to create an interactive audiobook using AI and machine learning.  Don't ask me what machine learning is.  Actually it's pretty much what it sounds like.  Skynet.  I'm working with 3 other guys from my class, and everyone brings really unique perspectives.  I'll be working as the producer and writer for the story.  I'm pretty excited, and literally bought into the smart home thing, getting one for my studio in Pittsburgh, and one for my parents to yell "ALEXA, PLAY THE HAMILTON SOUNDTRACK" at in their dining room.

In quasi scary news (like rated G scary, not life and death scary) I am embarking on a startup with a classmate of mine.  We will be developing VR content, in a production house model.  Stay tuned!  

On that note, I leave you with the latest 3 pictures from my insta feed.  Pooches of longing, failure to (snowboard) launch, and dumpling making for the chicken new year.  #Newyearnewblogpost #1monthlater 

#32: It's not me, it's you.


It's been a minute since my last post.  Let me give the run down on the happenings in my life.

1. Started my semester project at school.  We'll be designing an exhibition space for a traveling museum called the Museum of Broken Relationships.  It started in Zagreb originally, and features objects from people's lives accompanied by the stories behind the objects.  As the title would suggest, these relate to lost relationships (not exclusively romantic relationships!).  Should be really cool.  My team has been trying to get a handle on how we will design the space when we have a) no objects yet b) no access to the space until December c) high anxiety levels (current warning color orange).  

 Head Shot fail

Head Shot fail

2. I'm a TA for a film course that the first year students in the program take.  They never do their homework... was this ever an option?  I think they can smell weakness.  I'm forced to embrace my #RBF powers to get anything done.  

3. I've been running.  Not well.  Or fast. I'm in trouble for the marathon.  **Crying on the inside.**

4. Started watching some episodes of Mr Robot and Stranger Things.  Feels good to take part in latest pop culture phenomenona.

5. Realized that I do not know how to spell "phenomenona". Phenomenons?  The dictionary and google chrome spell check are at odds it seems.   

Well, I have 3 meetings this afternoon, I'm wearing exercise pants with a hole in the crotch, and the coffee pot at school broke today.  In contrast to this, people who've chosen business school have returned from a weekend at the Vineyard, are just now waking from their mid morning siestas to attend class about careers they've already had.  You know who you are.  

#31: Le retour

Dear reader, it has been many moons since my last post.


But 'twas an awesome summer full of magic, heatstroke, high humidity and daily thunder showers from 4-5pm. 


Since i can't talk much about what I did, I didn't bother posting. I worked on a project using VR which was pretty rad. Outside of work, I did a marathon Disney adventure, went to the uni park more times than I can count, attended a Yankees game in Tampa, hosted some friends for weekend visits, attended a conference about "serious games" for my student project, and began my career as a Pokemon go novice. 


Right now, I find myself back on the autotrain headed to DC, where I shall venture before my drive to Pittsburgh. From there, I unpack all my wizard garb and return to NYC. Though this trip north doesn't have my poopiepants  neighbor in tow, there is a lovely colon musk emanating from my neighboring car.  And that's colon not cologne. Yeah. 

More to come as I start my new semester. My project will entail working with a traveling exhibition called "the museum of broken relationships". Which in New York you might call Gristedes aisle 7. 


In final news, pray with me that my forgotten cooler of train snacks (which includes some yogurt and hard boiled eggs) survives the train ride in the trunk of my car. Huuuuuuuuge mistake. Windows down folks. 

Until next post, SB



#30: If we're being honest, I'm probably a Slytherin



 Amtrak eat your heart out

Amtrak eat your heart out

 Since the last post, dear reader(s), I've received my call to Hogwarts, matched to my wand, enjoyed a cup of butterbeer (it was so sweet, I felt my percentages of diabetes risk increase with every sip) and spent an entire day at Universal Orlando for the first time since the early 90s.  A time before some of my grad school classmates were even alive.  

Harry Potter World was amazing, and I kept thinking about the final book launch, and wandering NYC streets right after high school graduation with friends, waiting for midnight to drop (and buying a copy of the book out of some random dude's white van on Columbus ave...).  Brings me back.  ANYWAYS that happy day was promptly replaced by a terrible tragedy, and the next morning I spent watching the news, wondering how a world where Harry Potter captures the collective imagination can also inspire such hate.  And the event I'm referencing was not even the only shooting of the weekend.  And that night, a small child got eaten by a gator in Disney.  Florida, wtf.

Today, me and the intern posse headed to Cocoa beach, home to Cape Canaveral spaceship launching parties.  It was quite nice out there, but as soon as we got back into the car to return, the biggest cray cray thunderstorm I've ever experienced hit us.  It was so bad, everyone on the freeway (and we're talking FL drivers here people) stopped driving like complete lunatics, and dropped speeds down to 20mph.  I was on windshield wipers level 4 people!  My face was so close to the windshield trying to see, I looked like a grandmother driving her cadillac to the grocery store.  Fortunately, drivers ed on the FDR had prepared me for extreme road conditions, such as today's.

Anywhoo, my computer just crashed so I lost the second half of this post.  Let's all pretend I wrote something profound and hysterical.

Until next time.  


#29: Are you there Godot? It's me Vladimir.

I'm melting, I'm melting. 

So week 2 of internship complete.  It's been pretty great - on my first day I had lunch at Harry Potter world, rode a roller coaster, and got to play around with the HTC Vive.  How lucky am I???

Since I've signed a little piece of paper that says I can't talk about the stuff I'm working on / observing others working on, let's just say that there's some cool stuff, running on some cool technology, and some talented people are making it, and I'm reliving my minion days of yore.

So to rewind a bit, I moved down here after an all night EXTRAVAGANZA on the Amtrak Auto-Train, and arrived to an apartment that was SWELTERING in 90+ degree temps, no windows open and no fan on.  I pretty much combusted on sight.  Since then I've been slowly turning down the thermostat so now I'm not waking up in the middle of the night to wring out my sheets.  At first I tried to make it sans A/C (bc my roommate was going without) but I am afraid I am not made to survive the wilds of Central Florida without external forces keeping my core body temp in check.

I was fortunate enough to pick up a sublet from a classmate in the year ahead of me, another former intern, and I'm living with another classmate who is a current intern veteran.  It's a CMU lovefest.  ANYWAYS I had bought some stuff off the former interns here, sight unseen, and I arrived to find I had 2 ikea mattress toppers, a desk, a chair and a little table.  I slept on the 2 ikea mattress toppers on the floor (plus my air mattress) but I only lasted 2 days before I broke down and went to Ikea to find the cheapest balsa wood twin bed.  I twerked the heck outta that little allen wrench and now I am the proud owner of a bed.  Hurrah. 

On another note, I came back last week from my 5 year college reunion, where I got to catch up with some old buds and look around at all the other engagement rings (I mean classmates) from my year.  It was a strange feeling to remember someone, remember who their friends were, what classes you had in common, but not remember their name!  I'm looking at you, Fulbright Scholar, who studied abroad in Spain, who was in my Micro Econ section.  Don't think I'm not still salty about that time you borrowed my pen and never gave it back.

On the docket for this weekend:  a proper introduction into the theme park with an all day Harry Potter / Islands of Adventure marathon, complete with sunburns, heatstroke, overindulgence and Zika exposure.  

Special shout out to my dear friend Merav, who has finally achieved the impossible: her Israeli driver's license.  It only took you like 2 years girl.  May pedestrians run from your path, and the GPS steer you true. 

And special shout out to my homies training for the NYC Marathon with me (Sara!  Kim!).  I'm trying to run, but it's pretty brutal here.  I've attached a sweaty selfie.  This was before I started my workout.  Just kidding.  Or am I?  LOOK AT THE GLISTEN. 

Until next week. 



 Georgetown's Healy Hall.  A US=Hogwarts for the preppy & pompous international set

Georgetown's Healy Hall.  A US=Hogwarts for the preppy & pompous international set

 IKEA... It's a fascinating place.

IKEA... It's a fascinating place.

#28: Adventures in the Auto-Train!

Dear people who've foolishly agreed to sign up for my blog alerts,

 Sleeper selfie

Sleeper selfie

I am currently sitting in the Lorton, VA station of the Amtrak Auto Train, waiting to board the sleeper car to Sanford, FL!  I'm writing this in the train station waiting area, don't worry I'm here with all the early bird specials, and I'll be sure to document the sleeper car I reserved.  But all these details beg the question, why am I headed to central florida during the summer?

 All aboard! 

All aboard! 

Why, do you ask?  I'm headed to Orlando to start my internship with  Shmuniversal Shmudios!!  This summer, my internship duties will no doubt include assisting their tech team with UI stuff, design and general minion tasks.  In exchange, I'm a wizard b/c of my proximity to Harry Potter World.  Exciting news!  Aside from the internship, I'll be spending my summer avoiding the zika virus, carbohydrates, and training for the New York Marathon this coming November.

 View from the train

View from the train

In news since I last wrote, my project team finished our "don't cheat" game, which you can find at my website under projects (It's under "A Fine Line").  A button on that page leads you to the live URL where you can play the game and see whether you have the moral fortitude to make choices of integrity with regards to your academic pursuits.  Or whatever.

I'll keep this sort of short, as I will be transitioning back into the arduous task of semi-regular blog posts, but I wanted to avoid reading the ending of my only train book (I'm about 200 pages away from the ending of "For Whom the Bell Tolls, and it ain't lookin' good for the communists.) by posting a quick note for y'all.  

If you find yourselves in Orlando this summer, give me a buzz.  I have no friends.  This is not a drill.


ok so as I get ready to tuck into the night, I find myself meditating on several moments from my trip: 

1. My cabin neighbor shit his pants and walked around the cabin, wafting his last meal to everyone (well not actually, but you get the idea) 

 Everyone pees in the shower. EVERYONE. 

Everyone pees in the shower. EVERYONE. 

2. Said man proceeded to change into shorts and head to the cafe car, presumably to refuel after the discharge

3. I understand the motive for the killing for Agatha Christies "Murder on the Orient Express"

4. A private cabin does not give total privacy (I'm looking at you elderly flatulent couple with whom I share a cabin wall) 

5. I'm a "young lady" according to my dinner table


ok enough for today, off to bed Zzzzzzz



#27: Primary season comes to Pennsylvania!

 Comb-over on fleek

Comb-over on fleek

So back when I moved to Pittsburgh, I registered to vote in Pennsylvania because I figured it would matter more than voting in New York for this November.  Boy was I wrong!  This primary season was super important in New York, so that's sad.  Now I do get my chance on Tuesday, but it seems like the election is already a lost cause.  As various media outlets have already pointed out, we have entered into the twilight zone where the Simpsons predict the future.

Still image from A Fine Line

In other news, my academic project is coming to a close.  We have 1 more week left to debug, polish and wrap up our game, A Fine Line.  It's going to be a race to the finish, and I'm excited to  be done.  Academic Integrity... woof.  Here's an image from the experience, and I will post a link to it when it's complete.

 In personal news, I'm trying to pick up an Orlando summer sublet from current Universal interns from my program.  Maybe it's my New Yorker personality, but it's making me very nervous to just "go with the flow" and feel like it will work out.  I mean, that's why articles about camping out in your car need their own wikis.  Worst case scenario... best not to think about it.  I finally got my paperwork sorted through (sort of) and I'm pretty psyched to get started.   I'll be on the "advance technology team" and it's both scary and exciting.  I have to keep my #leaninstincts top of mind, and keep the #impostersyndrome at bay.  If you see me arguing with myself, move along.

"I don't belong!"
"Yes I do!"
"Interning is terrible."
"Shut up, no one asked me."

In final news, it's finally warm enough to go outside without a coat!  That means I'm out of excuses to start my marathon training. 7AM Staten Island Ferry, what up!

Until next post...

#26: Website update! Again!

Short post here, but wanted to write a note about my new website design!  Apparently fuller images are more elegant on the interwebs, so there you go.  With the new redesign, I lost a fair amount of nonsense content on the blog page.  As a result of this, I had to post about how to subscribe, which is sort of silly because that just means that all you foolish people who've agreed to receiving my spam reports will receive a notification on how to receive  my emails.  So, that is one reason I'm posting some random stuff tonight - so you don't get that message.  I hope.  Otherwise you're getting two random email notifications.  Sorry.  Sort of.

Another reason I'm writing this post is to give you all a visual update.  We have about two weeks left to go, and our prototype is marching towards the finish.  We have a soft opening - sort of like a beta launch - this coming Monday, so this video is a bit outdated to what we have now.  Nevertheless, take a look.  It's a choose your own adventure game!  About academic integrity!  Yay...

Signing off, SB


The game is called "A Fine Line" - we originally had "Unwritten Code" as the title, but got the feedback that it was a little obscure.  You can't please all of the people all of the time, but you better try if they're giving you a grade.  Sigh.



#25: Employment!

Hello dear reader,

I interrupt my blogging hiatus, for a special report.

My search for an internship has ended.  I am happy to announce that I will be spending my summer in Orlando working for a certain theme park that sponsors muggle exchange programs to Hogwarts.  I will follow later next week with more details.  Huzzah!

In other news, my team is cramming to finish all our work we have left to do on our anti-cheating game for the university.  We have about 2-3 weeks left and then it's done.  We're almost there.  We've been adding more animations and sound to round out the experience.  I recorded some voice over last week as the "bitchy" character in the story, so I guess #rbf does extend beyond the visual.  My resting bitch face is *transmedia*, people!!

Until next post.

#24: Conference Shmonference

Last week I attended my first ever industry conference.  GDC (Game Developers Conference) is a huge event in SF where people all over the world dye their hair pink and talk about the state of the industry for women and people of color.  Just kidding, only the pink hair is true. 

But actually, the event features a ton of talks, an expo of really cool technology and some networking / career events.  I was nominated by CMU to take part of the Intel Game Development Scholars group, and that was pretty rad.  They had a schedule of interesting speakers and a reception for us.  The group was exclusively female and ethnically diverse, so obviously there is a growing movement to be more inclusive on the gender side of things.  Even aside of the typical chauvinistic attitudes of men in the gaming industry, something that I've seen in every industry, It's nice to know that big companies like Intel make a concerted effort to inspire women.  From my outsider perspective, it seems like the industry is tackling this sexism as it would debugging a program - find the problem and put a patch on it!  Or trying to... Awkward.  Well I took some pics, and I'll put them in this here post for ya'll to scroll through.  

I spy with my little eye...

 At the "Mobile Madness" Party!  Networking CAN be fun...

At the "Mobile Madness" Party!  Networking CAN be fun...

 Omni Directional Treadmill - for the #casual gamers out there

Omni Directional Treadmill - for the #casual gamers out there

ANYWAYS I met some cool people, went to a few interesting talks and had my first stay in an airbnb.  I also got a free upgrade to an exit row seat on my flight back.  Things are looking up for me, my friends.

I return, however, to the reality of midterm presentations.  Le sigh.  Fortunately my team will present on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, we are DEAD LAST.  That's the worst.  Waaaaaah. 

In final news...

If you're on a desktop, play this game:




 Beautiful weather in SF

Beautiful weather in SF

#23: Spring Break: Cabo!!!!

 My new Google Chromebook! (Pic courtesy of interwebs)

My new Google Chromebook! (Pic courtesy of interwebs)

Just kidding.  After a few days home, I've returned to the Pittsburgh.  Events of note from this week - my return to the world of functional humans (I worked out... more than once!), dental work, new computer purchase (see picture) and internship sleuthing.  

Instead of talking about what job offers I have yet to receive, I shall discuss my new computer.  It's pretty cool - flips into a tablet - and was really cheap!  Probably because it runs mostly on the internet.  It's insane that for $150-200 bucks you can buy a computer that runs close to the capacity of a top of the line pc from 10 years ago.  First impressions: it's amazeballs.

In other news, I have a lot of work to do before I ship off to SF for the Game Developer's Conference (GDC) which is aka, Video Game expo extravaganza!  Someone mysterious from my program nominated me for a scholarship sponsored by Intel (I'm 95% positive it's because I'm a native English speaking woman in "Technology"... but whatevs! ) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In final news, my project parameters from the client have changed.  Instead of making an anti-cheating experience for graduate students, they want it for UNDERGRADUATES.  UGHghghghhghgghhghg So. Much. To. Change. I don't really have much to add besides WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. 


In final final news, I've downloaded the game "Firewatch" which is a branching narrative with incredible visuals.  See trailer below.  At my current rate of play, I'll finish the game by the year 2020.  Trying to stay current... the reluctant gamer.  

PS - In other media I've decided to share with my 5 followers, I have included 3 pictures from this here spring break.  Firstly, a hipster Golda mug, birthday present from Merav (Go for the Golda!).  Secondly, third wheel selfie #bluesteel.  Thirdly, Mabel hugging her little fox. 

 Hipster Golda, mug courtesy of Merav

Hipster Golda, mug courtesy of Merav

 Gone Catfishin'

Gone Catfishin'

 Can't move

Can't move

#22: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday...

So I'm going to try something new for this week's post - I'm going to write some thoughts down every night this week.  Let's see if there's a theme, shall we?

*Update - full disclosure, this post was supposed to chronicle last week's activities, but I forgot to update it... So now that you've had that exciting **Spoiler** alert, read at your own peril.


I just applied to two internships tonight.  I have made a spreadsheet of pending applications I will apply for, so hopefully something sticks.  Also tonight I had a group skype sesh for my RPG writing group (nerd game design 101) and let me tell you, emotions are running high.  And by high, I mean there were some serious Game of Thrones humble brags on cannon knowledge.  I had to put the kibosh on that before it got out of hand - name dropping c-plot character internal motivations are not an efficient use of my time.  Also accomplished this weekend, marathon training: le retour.  At my current aerobic capacity, I think I can make it about 3 miles before collapsing.  That's including the distance I make rolling downhill.  Tomorrow is another day.


I spent today going a combination of project work and attending talks.  One talk featured ETC "visiting faculty" Michael Keaton discussing his time in the film industry.  Another was an info session from Booze Allen Hamilton talking about their tech division.  He brought nachos to the meeting.  Ending lesson here?  You gotta play to your strengths.  Just kidding, please hire me, Booze Allen Hamilton.  In other news, zzzz.


Today I went to class, played with a puppy, did some project work, celebrated an internshpi-gettin' with kek on the phone (YOU GO GURL!) and meditated.  Oh!  And I received a Golda Meir birthday mug as a birthday present (thank you, merav).  Golda - the original #leaninspiration.  In unrelated news, I am contemplating the purchase of a rice cooker.  Maybe the second degree AZN influence has rubbed off on me.  I tire of explaining that I cook rice in a regular saucepan, and not in a specialty kitchen electric appliance.  I really need that rice cooker, it will give me street cred.  In additional unrelated news, there's a game called "Fire Watch" that just came out and it has beautiful visuals and a narrative based interaction.  I want to play it.  But I am terrible at games.  Perhaps I should watch someone play through it on youtube instead.  But that seems sort of sad and depressing.  Decisions.


 Game screen grab - Ryan the Asian American Bro

Game screen grab - Ryan the Asian American Bro

Today I spent my time writing. Writing for my project, for my class and my cover letters.  I also read about how inevitable it is to be a Clinton-Trump election. Makes me sad.  Hump day indeed.  In more positive news, it rained all day.  I've included two pictures here.  At the left is my "pinterest board win" of a homemade reeses w banana I made.  I'll use this to further bribe my teammates to complete our arbitrary production paperwork.  Below here is a screen grab from the interactive narrative against cheating I'm making.  Ignore the horrible text box - we haven't dealt with our UI (user interface) yet.

 Went a little overboard on the peanut butter... it's like cement

Went a little overboard on the peanut butter... it's like cement

Leap Day (Monday):

So It seems as if my little bloggy experiment for a daily post pretty much died in the middle of last week.  This was due to a multitude of factors, some of which include marathon meetings, group project dynamic explosions etc etc. 

In other news, leo won his oscar, my bags are packed for NYC and my legs are sore from doing lunges. 

#21: It is a truth universally acknowledged...

...that a late twenties (waah) gal in the midst of a career change, must be in want of an internship.

The job hunt continues... my applications go out like ships in the night. 

So this week we received our first round of feedback from our faculty project advisers and it went as expected.  My years as a cubicle gremlin taught me well.  Anticipate how you'll be perceived and self assess at that level or below.  It's like a Price is Right situation.  Guessing the TV set costs $50.00 on an actual sticker price of $100.00 gets you ahead easier than guessing $101.00. 

ANYWAY, my class and my academic project are trucking along.  I have no interesting news to report. 

 "She was moaning about a pulled muscle"

"She was moaning about a pulled muscle"

Entertainment-wise, I've been casually watching Murder She Wrote on Netflix. I've inserted a picture at the side showing an episode with Bryan Cranston (of Breaking Bad fame) and Linda Hamilton (of Terminator fame).  It was a tale of unrequited love.  Murderous twin sisters and a tennis tournament struggling to stay profitable.  RIP Bryan Cranston, you deserved more than being blown up in a car bomb.  In addition to bad 80s television, I finally finished playing Journey, which is a game about...er... a journey.  It's only meant to take like an hour and a half, but I stretched it out for 6 months because I kept getting lost in the desert.  I think there's a joke hidden in there somewhere.  Aside from that, it's pretty impressive how visual they made it. See trailer below. 

Only a few more weeks until I come back to NYC for a visit!!!  Woo!!!  Time to squeeze in doctor's appointments, quick coffee dates and going through a mountain of mail that never got forwarded to me in the pitt.  Damn you, postmaster general.  Damn you.

Until next time.

PS - In case you, dear readers, are wondering: Yes, it does occur to me that most of my posts lack a tremendous amount of substance.  I have no plan of action for this.  Just wanted to say what we're all thinking.  Is that ok?  Is there a blog code of conduct I should follow?  Do I need (dare I say) Excitement Points (Shout out to Merav!) or some such SB equivalent to duct tape my blog posts together?  What's the theme of my life?  Yes.  Things to contemplate as I struggle to find my contact lenses in the morning.  Namaste.

#20: I hast reacheth a blogging milestone!

Yeah!  Number 20!  My readership of 5 people must be nearing their threshold for pain. 

In exciting news, my illness is gone.  Huzzah!  And I shall celebrate my newfound zest for life by sitting in a dusty room without access to the sun.

What have I done this week?  Right now it's the start of the "oh yeah, school isn't ALL fun and games" part of the semester which means graded assignments start kicking up.  Since I'm in (essentially) video game school, I guess the phrase would become, "yup, still fun and games". 

I'm sort of at a low energy point right now because I spent 2 hours being the "bad cop" in a group project discussion.  "Why can't our RPG written story be about random blacksmith people in a farm village no one cares about?"  I mean, as the representative of the normal people of the world, I'm gonna have to go with - because that sounds stupid.  I'm fighting an uphill battle over here.  Joy, now I will have to schedule a follow up meeting to discuss why I'm right, but in such a way to make the stubborn parties at hand believe, they are still right.  BLHFUWHFJNEW.

 Return of the 80s studio portrait.

Return of the 80s studio portrait.

In fun news, my project team took our "team photo".  I've enclosed a copy for your amusement.  And in answer to your question - I was the primary driver behind the design.  My inspiration was Awkward Family Photos. All those bloomies photoshop jobs prepared me for my moment of greatness.  The photo shoot also taught me an important lesson:  There is a "good side" and mine is my left. (For all you contrarians out there, I flipped my picture for the CU.  My mole is like a spoiler alert).

In final news, I've been listening to this band called "The Colourist" (which is weird to me because shouldn't the name be plural since it's a band?).  Also the female vocalist in the band is the drummer, which I think is pretty cool.  Keeping rhythm and singing along at the same time seems almost impossible to me, so that's fairly impressive.  ANYWAYS take a listen.  They're like a cross between Misterwives and Tokyo Police Club. 

In final final news, I've now made slow cooker turkey chili like twice in one month, so I'm at my limit.  Friends!  Send me some good, healthyish slow cooker recipes for the future.  Preferably ones that don't produce GI issues, as the chili sort of does. 

Now that I've ended on that note... until next time!

#19: Weary eyes, sore throats, can't lose

This week on Sick Sad World I find myself hopped up on Nyquil / Dayquil trying to fight a sore throat.  I tried my luck at getting an appointment with student health, but unsurprisingly, their next available appointment is in 2 weeks.  So... fun times.  I tried to webmd my symptoms, but I found that I either have strep, the common cold or lupus. 

In other news, my RPG writing class (role playing games for those not nerdily inclined) has commenced in earnest, and we will be pitching our story ideas in class next week.  Each member of my team had to pitch their own idea, and then we came together to create an idea we could all agree to make.  We decided on my initial concept (#winning!), and I think how it has already evolved through group brainstorms will make it an interesting project.  To recap, my IP for he class is Game of Thrones, and our concept is...

Play part of the Martell entourage sent to King's Landing by Prince Doran, and help Nymeria Sand navigate the political world of the capital as she assumes her deceased father's seat on the small council.  At the same time, you have a secret mission from Doran to investigate why his information source in King's Landing has suddenly grown quiet.

So for those that don't watch / follow Game o' Thrones, basically you are a Mediterranean / Spanish-esque royal house (the Martells).  You've historically had a tense relationship to the current family in power (The rich, incestuous blondies aka the Lannisters) because they killed a member of your family when their side usurped the throne.  HOWEVER you have political ties to them, and hold a seat on the royal council.  BUT your emissary there just got killed in a trial by combat.  And his super pissed off daughter is going to take his place on said council.  And you need to reestablish your spy network.  And there are dragons... and zombies. 

Whatevs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

In further news, my project - the "pretty pretty please don't cheat in school" interactive project I'm doing for my project course has gotten off to a... start.  We work with a philosophy class on main campus, and so far it's been chugging along.  I'm in the middle of revising the story draft, and it's a little painful.  Not easy to make the anti-cheating thing fun and exciting.  Woof.  Not to mention that sometimes people don't understand that the feedback of "you need to make the characters better" doesn't really help.  It's a first draft people, let's adjust expectations.  I'll leave my commentary at that.

In final news, my illness has propelled me to search out some deli situations, in an attempt to find chicken soup.  It's slim pickins down here for the Jewish Delis.  Sadness - my yelp search turned up only 1 option!  In this town, I can order a hoagie stuffed with onion rings, fries and pierogies on every other block, but no dice on some chicken noodle soup.  What the heck!

In final final news, I have discovered that Lucky Peach fleshed out their website with some cool recipes.  Maybe one day I will have time to make that crack fried chicken.  Until then, amuse yourself with this video of sweaty David Chang making some snacks.