#8: Ghost Cat!

Newest assignment: Create a game on an unreliable platform (Google Tango) in one week, that is FUN to play.

Enter: Ghost Cat!  Video Below:

 Ghost Cat!

Ghost Cat!

The Tango is an interesting platform.  It gives the Guest the experience of being in the virtual space (as in the Guest may move within the digital world created by the game) by leveraging location and position tracking.  A big problem with this, however, is that its use is fairly limited due to the streaming capacity and network limitations.  My team knew the limitations going into the project, so we decided to create a simple game which benefits from Tango's best asset: the ability to move around a physical space.  In Ghost Cat, you haunt mice out of the space by chasing them to an open door.  

In other news, my new project group has 3 weeks to make our next game, which follows a "story" prompt, meaning the emphasis is on a credible story and compelling characters.  The TAs thought it would be funny to put all the "Sara(h)s" on one team, so there you go.  We have Sarah C, Sarah T, me (Sara(beth) B) and poor Catherine, who is the lone non-Sara(h).  

In further news, one of the Saras showed me this cool computer game.  Check it out.  It's a metaphor for power dynamics in abusive relationships.  For those of you not inclined to play, I've included a youtube video of the gameplay with the different outcomes.  I think it's a pretty visceral experience - something about how simple the sentences are and how they also are menacing.  Very creepy!

That's all folks.