#9: Back to the future! ...er... Today!


Today (yesterday as I type...), social media was blowin up about how today was the date that sees Marty McFly fly around a hover board and generally galavant in his own personal past, present and future.

Though the predictions of hoverboarding sadly do not exist, the franchise did predict something related to my current field of study... VIRTUAL REALITY.

After having produced games using VR, Oculus Rift, I found myself still on the fence about how "real" this experience could possibly be.  Well, that was before the HTC VIVE demo here at school.  Wow.

During one of the demo games, a whale swims right by you.  A huge whale.  A WHALE.  I forgot for a moment I was wearing a headset, and I flinched when the whale's tail almost hit me.  That's an incredible moment.  I've embedded some cool promo videos from HTC above. 

In other news, my "story round" game is trucking along.  We're going for "storybook" comic art style... There's a lot of art.  It's going to be rough. I'll update next week once we have a prototype game build. 

In further news... STAR WARS.  Apparently advanced ticket sales have broken the interwebs.

In final news, the latest JK Rowling, uh Robert Galbraith, mystery novel has been published.  Huzzah!  I shall read it on my Thanksgiving break.  If you have yet to read this wonderful series, stop what you are doing and change course immediately.  It will bring back all the warm feelings of reading Harry Potter.  Except there's no magic... and gruesome murders... and the hero is missing a leg.  But other than that, it's just like HP, I swear.  What is this novel titled, you may ask?  CAREER OF EVIL.  Awesome.

In final final news... where we're going, we don't need roads.