#10: This just in - it be cold.

 Your other left

Your other left

Thank you mother, who sent me quick post of extra cold weather gear.  The weather here is so schizo, I go from wearing sandals to my winter boots day-to-day.

In other news, no game update for this week - I forgot to add our video to youtube.  It was pretty ish anyways so I'll just wait until we have our final video to post here. 

In important news... so Halloween fast approaches, and my costume is a TACO.  But not just any ol' taco.  I am the GHOST OF TACOS PAST.  Haunting you for your past tex-mex transgressions.  Basically I'm a Dickensian fast food item.   

In final news, we watched Run Lola Run in one of my classes a few weeks ago.  It's a German film from the 90s, and I think it holds up really well.  There's a strong "gaming" influence in it (of course, as I am in "gaming school") but was generally a really good movie.  I highly recommend.  The guy who made this also was involved with the Wachowskis in their Cloud Atlas adaptation, and the freaky (in a good way) Netflix series Sense8.  The trailer doesn't really do it justice, but I've linked it below.  Enjoy, and have a spooky Halloween. 

Just kidding, I have one more thought to add - FRANK UNDERWOOD 2016... I know he's not a Republican, but I think he's the only one who can thin out this cray cray GOP race now. Or better yet, send in Lady Macbeth.  That is all.