#4: A Week in my Virtual World

My class, Building Virtual Worlds, has commenced in earnest this past week, with our interim project due today.  Next week, we will have the final game complete (or as complete as we can get it) and move on to project number 2.  It's been a challenging experience, to say the least, with a whole slew of obstacles.  Between working with 4 other people, and combining all of our varying aesthetic and creative visions, I have a newfound respect for those who spend their entire lives creating art / media / creative projects as part of a team.  This ain't a picnic!  Fortunately I have a great first team where everyone is motivated to work and listen to other opinions.  For the most part, English is their second language, and it's insane that they are able to be as fluent and responsive with such a specialized vocab / culture shift / etc.  If I had to do this program in French, I think I would merde my pantalons.  As it is, I've spent about a week straight staying up past 1AM in our school computer lab,  trying to make a cartoon dance.  I have bypassed traditional means of coffee consumption, and now have a permanent rig sending caffeine into my veins directly.

Regarding the game!  We're creating a Mayan themed dance game, a Mayan "dance dance revolution" if you will.  Progress has halted a couple of times because of the vision for the art / look of the game, but I think we've moved past a big obstacle this week, and if our critique goes well today, hopefully we can progress into making this a fuller experience.  The platform we are using is the Kinect motion detect (as in Xbox Kinect) and the motion detection is quite finicky.  I really feel for our programmers.  I've been haphazardly uploading videos that show examples of some of our 3D and 2D Sprite animations (you can see them in my Graduate tab - just to the left of this page), but I won't bore you with details on the step by step.  Suffice it to say, I don't think Pixar is going to be banging down my door anytime soon.

Ceci n'est pas un instagram food shot

In other news, the only activities I've been enjoying involve daily hygiene, cooking, and school work.  I would have included a fun picture of me, exploring Pittsburgh and its environs, but to be honest, my only excursion thus far has been to buy eggs at le supermarche.  I've included a picture of my breakfast to really highlight this moment in my life. 

In further news, I think I have this blog thing finally up and jogging!  Mail Chimp is handling the email alerts, and I think weekly (if I post) is a sufficient cadence for reading the mundane nothings of my life.  I have found this blog a good exercise in creative thought and writing in general.  Not to mention, a wonderful practice in honing my egocentric skills.  If you are a subscriber, I probably guilt-tripped you into it.  Thanks for being a good sport.  I promise to stop texting you youtube videos of everything I end up putting here. 

Alrighty then - I am signing off.