#5: Building Virtual Worlds, Project 1 Rundown

Last Tuesday, the class critiqued our interim projects for the first round.  The feedback was constructive, and because of that we made some big changes to the design and functionality of the game play. 

What we kept: Mayan Dance idea to save village from volcano (the dance brings the rain which drowns out the volcano's lava/anger)

What we killed: Initially we had a baby to save, in addition to the village.  Well, the baby was dragging us down, so we killed it off.  For simplicity's sake, this made the story a lot more linear and efficient.  Another major piece of feedback included simplifying the user experience, or how to make the player feedback clearer.  How did a guest know if he or she was winning or losing?  Well, we made clear symbols, and created better progress bars.  Rain = winning, and Lava = losing. 

Finally, we were able to complete the story cut scenes (Cut Scenes are narrative scenes that exist outside of the game play screen), with voice-over narration to really clear up why the volcano is trying to destroy our village. Voice-over narration helps guide the guest through the story as well.

So, after many hours and sleepless nights, may I present our game: Rain Dancer!  Hopefully the result is understandable, but I will give a run down of the premise and project prompt after the break:

In this game, the prompt follows:  The Guest must help character A overcome obstacles presented by character B.  In helping overcome these obstacles, the characters undergo a transformation.  The obstacle must also include a real fear or danger on the part of character A. 

After presenting our final project to the class today, we received some good follow-up critique, including expanding on the "good" user feedback for correct moves, and for leveling out sound effects with dialogue, especially in the intro scene.  Overall, I think we pulled a hat trick on this one, and really turned around the momentum of the project from our interim submission (which to be honest, was pretty brutal... and deservedly so).  We got many compliments and I think it's a solid effort for round 1.  Go team! 

Now, instead of celebrating, excuse me while I start a new game...