#6: We interrupt this broadcast for a special report

Congratulations to my dear friend, Lizzie, who took a husband this past Friday.  As I type, she is journeying to Iceland on her honeymoon, where she will frolic with penguins whilst a cacophony of Bjork plays in the distance.  I'm pretty sure that's what's happening. 

So beyouteeefulll

In other news, I'm making a game about a burger in space.  Details to follow. 

 Here's the beef.

Here's the beef.

In additional news, I've hidden the link to my blog from my portfolio website.  This way, I can really let loose on the embedded Gifs, nonsensical observations and sub-par youtube videos without fear of retribution relative to my job search.  At least until I have some form of employment lined up.  This doesn't really affect anyone, as I've probably signed up all 5 of you to the email blasts.  I've recently pondered what it would be like to link my blog to my facebook page, you know, to broaden my audience to 10 people.  HOWEVER I think I prefer to have it lay low awhile longer.  I've stalked and mocked way too many blogs of high school classmates.  Perhaps I shall unveil myself after my 10-year reunion. 

Also!  I think to "spice things up", I am going to write little passages on this blogorama about what books I am reading, what tv shows or movies I've watched and what games I've played recently.  Since I've been a mole person the last month, I have nothing to add after this declaration.  EXCEPT I recently downloaded an IOS App game called "Her Story" - It was super cool.  If you like interactive narrative and mystery, you should definitely download it.  I don't want to give anything away, but basically if you have any Law and Order role-playing fantasy going on, you need to check it out. 

As a final note:

Last final note: I ALSO just discovered this whole Ryan Adams cover album of TSwift.  It's pretty good.  Who knew Shake It Off could sound depressing?

In case it's not already apparent, I've been writing sections of these posts as they occur to me.  Carry on.


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