#2 - Week 1 Postgame, or, How to Build a Dragon!

Hello there,

After a month long hiatus from this blogorific exploit, I am back to give a status update on week 1 of ETC.  I am taking 4 courses in the "Bootcamp" semester (Building Virtual Worlds, Fundamentals, Visual Story, and Improv 101), and over this LDW the class assignment was to build a 3D Lunchbox in a 3d platform, Maya.  After the lunchbox, the assignment upgraded to a Dragon. 

Hello, Maya.  How do I loathe thee?  Let me count the ways...

Here, kitty kitty kitty...

So after many program crashes, learning on the go, and some helpful TA assistance, I was able to complete the assignment.  Whether it cuts the proverbial mustard remains to be seen.  Perhaps I shall update the post once I (hopefully) receive a passing grade.  More importantly, I'm no longer completely incompetent in using this program.  Only mostly incapable.  But, I feel pretty good about 1 week's worth of progress, and my skills can only improve from 0.  I'll mark that as a win.

In other thoughts...

After 4 years of cubicle life in corporate world, I entered graduate school.  Complete with bushy tail and bright eyes, I soon learned that I had graduated from working on excel pivot tables in a cubicle, to working on 3d modeling in a cubicle.  Still, it is hard not to laugh when the realization hits that instead of trying to track profit declines and financial stretch plans, I spent an entire weekend making a cartoon.  Life's pretty good.

Pittsburgh-wise, I am still a newbie.  I've done Chinese takeout 1x (eh), went to the Andy Warhol / Mattress Factory museums (two thumbs up!) and bought furniture from Ikea.  So at this rate, maybe I'll take a walk around my neighborhood by March. 

Signing off until the next project.  -SB