#16: In flight blog posts will be an additional $5.00, available for purchase

Just kidding. It's available for 40% off.

Anyways I am on my way to LA right now for my school's west coast trip. We'll be touring a bunch of cool companies in the hopes that we make some sliver of an impression we can later exploit for an internship opportunity. Otherwise known as networking.

I have about another 3 hours left on my flight. I fell asleep at takeoff and spilled coffee all over my floor and pants, so things are starting off on the right foot here for me. Also present and accounted for: crying babies. Probably because I spilled my coffee all over them. Well that's a lie.  I'm the only crying baby.  The actual baby sitting behind me is watching Netflix on her iPad.

Speaking of Disneyland, I'll be going tomorrow. Now I can finally experience the Indiana Jones ride and report back to my dad about whether I enjoyed it. (Backstory is I made him wait 2 hours on line for it and then freaked out during the ride and shut my eyes the entire time.) In addition to networking, Disney and being part of a cattle herd between LA and SF, I look forward to my last hurrah in holiday indulgence. When I return to Pittsburgh I will be on a no carbon diet. As in lemon water, straight up, until my body recovers.  And a return to running. We'll see how that goes. Oh yeah, and classes. And finding employment for the summer.  And some other stuff probably,

I will report back, dear friends and blog hostages, on my progress on this trip later in the week. Most likely while I wait at the airport for the next travel stage. 

In final news : welcome back to New York Lizzie!!!  May your arrival be met with scant taxis, foul manners and an abundance of authenticity (mostly in the form of indistinct odors).  There will be neither a parade nor a carpet of any kind to announce your arrival. I know you missed it. 

In final final news, it occurs to me that my thinly veiled attempt to "hide and/or obscure" the blog from my portfolio site may not withstand moderate employer stalking ("research" I mean). In a message to these folks: Please hire me. I am highly competent and require minimal upkeep. Regards.

Happy 2016 youse guys.