#18: Introducing my new website!

Or rather, my new website design.  I'm still hiding the "Blogorama" until I find lasting employment, however you can still navigate from ze blog to the rest of my portfolio site.  What prompted the change?  Apparently left side navigation isn't as elegant as top down navigation.  See for example Apple, Uber, Airbnb etc etc as examples of the acceptable levels of cyber-taste.  In reality, I found updating the website style an acceptable way to procrastinate doing my other work.  It's still productive, but not quite as productive as doing my homework.  Just kidding (No I'm not). 

I had things to do this weekend - including brunch! - but alas Jonas has made movement around this city impossible.  I'm at school in an empty project room, working on writing a preliminary script for my interactive experience.  For those of you who fell asleep during my last update, my project for the semester is to work with a team in creating an interactive experience that teaches incoming graduate students about academic integrity here on campus.  I'm making a script for our web experience, and it actually follows a lot of the rules that my RPG (think nerdy interactive story ala Dungeons and Dragons) class is teaching us to write. 

Speaking of Dungeons and Dragons, we got our writing teams assigned for our RPG class, and I'm in a group that will cover the IP in GAME OF THRONES.  Meaning, we will create a new interactive experience, create characters and plot within the GoT universe, using a game system developed by the IP.  We will work as a team to write this - simulating how TV writing teams craft stories for scripted series. It should be good... I hope.  I already know I'm in over my head, since my group went right to making sarcastic jokes about B-rate characters in the book series.  I thought I was a fan, but after speaking with my teammates, apparently not.

 Baby Jesus not pictured. 

Baby Jesus not pictured. 

In personal news, I have entered into my late twenties.  I hear 27 is a great age (thanks Gabola), and I hope it will last longer than 26 did.  In celebration of my birth, I bought myself a King Cake and shared it with some of my classmates.  I had to explain that finding the little plastic choking hazard of the Baby Jesus was actually a good thing, and meant being named "King".  King of what?  Diabetus. Last time I ate a slice of King cake was in first grade, when my teacher brought it in to share with the class.  AND I found the little savior hiding in my slice!  I don't remember much about it, but I do remember a lot of confusion from the class about why we were eating something with Jesus in it.  Also, Jesus drew a lot of confusion as well.  Did the party mean it was a holiday, and we could skip Hebrew school?  Furthermore, why is the king a baby?  I digress. 

In final news, back to the grind.  I'll catch you all later.