#19: Weary eyes, sore throats, can't lose

This week on Sick Sad World I find myself hopped up on Nyquil / Dayquil trying to fight a sore throat.  I tried my luck at getting an appointment with student health, but unsurprisingly, their next available appointment is in 2 weeks.  So... fun times.  I tried to webmd my symptoms, but I found that I either have strep, the common cold or lupus. 

In other news, my RPG writing class (role playing games for those not nerdily inclined) has commenced in earnest, and we will be pitching our story ideas in class next week.  Each member of my team had to pitch their own idea, and then we came together to create an idea we could all agree to make.  We decided on my initial concept (#winning!), and I think how it has already evolved through group brainstorms will make it an interesting project.  To recap, my IP for he class is Game of Thrones, and our concept is...

Play part of the Martell entourage sent to King's Landing by Prince Doran, and help Nymeria Sand navigate the political world of the capital as she assumes her deceased father's seat on the small council.  At the same time, you have a secret mission from Doran to investigate why his information source in King's Landing has suddenly grown quiet.

So for those that don't watch / follow Game o' Thrones, basically you are a Mediterranean / Spanish-esque royal house (the Martells).  You've historically had a tense relationship to the current family in power (The rich, incestuous blondies aka the Lannisters) because they killed a member of your family when their side usurped the throne.  HOWEVER you have political ties to them, and hold a seat on the royal council.  BUT your emissary there just got killed in a trial by combat.  And his super pissed off daughter is going to take his place on said council.  And you need to reestablish your spy network.  And there are dragons... and zombies. 

Whatevs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

In further news, my project - the "pretty pretty please don't cheat in school" interactive project I'm doing for my project course has gotten off to a... start.  We work with a philosophy class on main campus, and so far it's been chugging along.  I'm in the middle of revising the story draft, and it's a little painful.  Not easy to make the anti-cheating thing fun and exciting.  Woof.  Not to mention that sometimes people don't understand that the feedback of "you need to make the characters better" doesn't really help.  It's a first draft people, let's adjust expectations.  I'll leave my commentary at that.

In final news, my illness has propelled me to search out some deli situations, in an attempt to find chicken soup.  It's slim pickins down here for the Jewish Delis.  Sadness - my yelp search turned up only 1 option!  In this town, I can order a hoagie stuffed with onion rings, fries and pierogies on every other block, but no dice on some chicken noodle soup.  What the heck!

In final final news, I have discovered that Lucky Peach fleshed out their website with some cool recipes.  Maybe one day I will have time to make that crack fried chicken.  Until then, amuse yourself with this video of sweaty David Chang making some snacks.