#17: I loathe the bus

Greetings!  I am back in business again with another blog post.  My new semester starts, and I find myself faced with the prospect of (1) PROJECT COURSE and (2) RPG WRITING.  Now to outline for my 5 readers what those two things are...

For my project course this semester, I am on something called MORALITY PLAY.  The client on this project is the university, and they have tasked us to create an interactive experience that will help teach incoming students about academic integrity, plagiarism etc etc.  In other words, a "don't cheat" tutorial.  I am going to be the producer on the team, and hopefully we can make something cool.  The topic isn't really that sexy, and I hope we'll be able to make something that is a little more biting than these things tend to be.  Maybe we can even achieve subversive.  I'd be happy with cynical.

 My classmates... just kidding.  Sort of.  http://www.ew.com/article/2013/10/10/zero-charisma-dungeons-dragons

My classmates... just kidding.  Sort of.


For my class, I am taking an RPG Writing class, which entails creative writing in a group setting, most similar to scene writing for TV.  What is RPG you may ask?  Well it is Role Playing Game.  So we will be concentrating on the table top / pen to paper rpg games a la Dungeons and Dragons.  So basically I'm taking nerd class 101.  Except that I am the only weirdo in the class who doesn't play these games.  I hope it goes well.  By the end of the class, our group will produce a portfolio piece / treatment with written scenes, and game design.  We're picking our worlds and systems this week, so I can give a deeper update next time around.  What is a world and what is a system?  Well we will be creating stories in existing IP so think a role playing game set in King Arthur's time, or Game of Thrones etc.  A system is a set of rules or structure in which the game is designed and played.  I have no idea what they are, but apparently "d20" is SOOOOO different than "fate" or whatever. 

In other news from my trip out West, I visited a grand total of 10 companies in LA and SF.  Greatest hits include Imagineering (If I told you what we saw, I'd have to kill you with my Mickey-Gloves), Lucasfilm/ILM, EA and Google.  It was pretty cool to see these places, but it felt like college tour 2.0 : THE PART THAT MATTERS.  In reality it was a tour to understand the types of industries and companies we want to target in our internship and job hunt.  As I have already lived 4 years as a cubicle gremlin, the disappointment of seeing "creative" work done in a corporate like setting didn't really tear my delicate soul apart.  Except Google is everything you think Google is.  Google isn't a job, it's the elevated state of corporate nirvana.  You just exist there.  That's what the brochure said anyways.  In essence, we toured a bunch of cool places, meet some alumni on orchestrated "networking" dinners and went to Disneyland.  And we did it all on the yellow school bus.  Mission Accomplished. 

In final news, I was able to squeeze in a good ol' 24hr visit to Chicago where I saw Roark!  We dined, we watched rom-coms and we brunched.  This is all very #basic of me to say, but brunch reinvigorated my soul in a way only a mani-pedis or hot yoga sessions could. Light a candle for me in your next soulcycle class. 


Until next time -