#21: It is a truth universally acknowledged...

...that a late twenties (waah) gal in the midst of a career change, must be in want of an internship.

The job hunt continues... my applications go out like ships in the night. 

So this week we received our first round of feedback from our faculty project advisers and it went as expected.  My years as a cubicle gremlin taught me well.  Anticipate how you'll be perceived and self assess at that level or below.  It's like a Price is Right situation.  Guessing the TV set costs $50.00 on an actual sticker price of $100.00 gets you ahead easier than guessing $101.00. 

ANYWAY, my class and my academic project are trucking along.  I have no interesting news to report. 

 "She was moaning about a pulled muscle"

"She was moaning about a pulled muscle"

Entertainment-wise, I've been casually watching Murder She Wrote on Netflix. I've inserted a picture at the side showing an episode with Bryan Cranston (of Breaking Bad fame) and Linda Hamilton (of Terminator fame).  It was a tale of unrequited love.  Murderous twin sisters and a tennis tournament struggling to stay profitable.  RIP Bryan Cranston, you deserved more than being blown up in a car bomb.  In addition to bad 80s television, I finally finished playing Journey, which is a game about...er... a journey.  It's only meant to take like an hour and a half, but I stretched it out for 6 months because I kept getting lost in the desert.  I think there's a joke hidden in there somewhere.  Aside from that, it's pretty impressive how visual they made it. See trailer below. 

Only a few more weeks until I come back to NYC for a visit!!!  Woo!!!  Time to squeeze in doctor's appointments, quick coffee dates and going through a mountain of mail that never got forwarded to me in the pitt.  Damn you, postmaster general.  Damn you.

Until next time.

PS - In case you, dear readers, are wondering: Yes, it does occur to me that most of my posts lack a tremendous amount of substance.  I have no plan of action for this.  Just wanted to say what we're all thinking.  Is that ok?  Is there a blog code of conduct I should follow?  Do I need (dare I say) Excitement Points (Shout out to Merav!) or some such SB equivalent to duct tape my blog posts together?  What's the theme of my life?  Yes.  Things to contemplate as I struggle to find my contact lenses in the morning.  Namaste.