#22: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday...

So I'm going to try something new for this week's post - I'm going to write some thoughts down every night this week.  Let's see if there's a theme, shall we?

*Update - full disclosure, this post was supposed to chronicle last week's activities, but I forgot to update it... So now that you've had that exciting **Spoiler** alert, read at your own peril.


I just applied to two internships tonight.  I have made a spreadsheet of pending applications I will apply for, so hopefully something sticks.  Also tonight I had a group skype sesh for my RPG writing group (nerd game design 101) and let me tell you, emotions are running high.  And by high, I mean there were some serious Game of Thrones humble brags on cannon knowledge.  I had to put the kibosh on that before it got out of hand - name dropping c-plot character internal motivations are not an efficient use of my time.  Also accomplished this weekend, marathon training: le retour.  At my current aerobic capacity, I think I can make it about 3 miles before collapsing.  That's including the distance I make rolling downhill.  Tomorrow is another day.


I spent today going a combination of project work and attending talks.  One talk featured ETC "visiting faculty" Michael Keaton discussing his time in the film industry.  Another was an info session from Booze Allen Hamilton talking about their tech division.  He brought nachos to the meeting.  Ending lesson here?  You gotta play to your strengths.  Just kidding, please hire me, Booze Allen Hamilton.  In other news, zzzz.


Today I went to class, played with a puppy, did some project work, celebrated an internshpi-gettin' with kek on the phone (YOU GO GURL!) and meditated.  Oh!  And I received a Golda Meir birthday mug as a birthday present (thank you, merav).  Golda - the original #leaninspiration.  In unrelated news, I am contemplating the purchase of a rice cooker.  Maybe the second degree AZN influence has rubbed off on me.  I tire of explaining that I cook rice in a regular saucepan, and not in a specialty kitchen electric appliance.  I really need that rice cooker, it will give me street cred.  In additional unrelated news, there's a game called "Fire Watch" that just came out and it has beautiful visuals and a narrative based interaction.  I want to play it.  But I am terrible at games.  Perhaps I should watch someone play through it on youtube instead.  But that seems sort of sad and depressing.  Decisions.


 Game screen grab - Ryan the Asian American Bro

Game screen grab - Ryan the Asian American Bro

Today I spent my time writing. Writing for my project, for my class and my cover letters.  I also read about how inevitable it is to be a Clinton-Trump election. Makes me sad.  Hump day indeed.  In more positive news, it rained all day.  I've included two pictures here.  At the left is my "pinterest board win" of a homemade reeses w banana I made.  I'll use this to further bribe my teammates to complete our arbitrary production paperwork.  Below here is a screen grab from the interactive narrative against cheating I'm making.  Ignore the horrible text box - we haven't dealt with our UI (user interface) yet.

 Went a little overboard on the peanut butter... it's like cement

Went a little overboard on the peanut butter... it's like cement

Leap Day (Monday):

So It seems as if my little bloggy experiment for a daily post pretty much died in the middle of last week.  This was due to a multitude of factors, some of which include marathon meetings, group project dynamic explosions etc etc. 

In other news, leo won his oscar, my bags are packed for NYC and my legs are sore from doing lunges.