#20: I hast reacheth a blogging milestone!

Yeah!  Number 20!  My readership of 5 people must be nearing their threshold for pain. 

In exciting news, my illness is gone.  Huzzah!  And I shall celebrate my newfound zest for life by sitting in a dusty room without access to the sun.

What have I done this week?  Right now it's the start of the "oh yeah, school isn't ALL fun and games" part of the semester which means graded assignments start kicking up.  Since I'm in (essentially) video game school, I guess the phrase would become, "yup, still fun and games". 

I'm sort of at a low energy point right now because I spent 2 hours being the "bad cop" in a group project discussion.  "Why can't our RPG written story be about random blacksmith people in a farm village no one cares about?"  I mean, as the representative of the normal people of the world, I'm gonna have to go with - because that sounds stupid.  I'm fighting an uphill battle over here.  Joy, now I will have to schedule a follow up meeting to discuss why I'm right, but in such a way to make the stubborn parties at hand believe, they are still right.  BLHFUWHFJNEW.

 Return of the 80s studio portrait.

Return of the 80s studio portrait.

In fun news, my project team took our "team photo".  I've enclosed a copy for your amusement.  And in answer to your question - I was the primary driver behind the design.  My inspiration was Awkward Family Photos. All those bloomies photoshop jobs prepared me for my moment of greatness.  The photo shoot also taught me an important lesson:  There is a "good side" and mine is my left. (For all you contrarians out there, I flipped my picture for the CU.  My mole is like a spoiler alert).

In final news, I've been listening to this band called "The Colourist" (which is weird to me because shouldn't the name be plural since it's a band?).  Also the female vocalist in the band is the drummer, which I think is pretty cool.  Keeping rhythm and singing along at the same time seems almost impossible to me, so that's fairly impressive.  ANYWAYS take a listen.  They're like a cross between Misterwives and Tokyo Police Club. 

In final final news, I've now made slow cooker turkey chili like twice in one month, so I'm at my limit.  Friends!  Send me some good, healthyish slow cooker recipes for the future.  Preferably ones that don't produce GI issues, as the chili sort of does. 

Now that I've ended on that note... until next time!