#26: Website update! Again!

Short post here, but wanted to write a note about my new website design!  Apparently fuller images are more elegant on the interwebs, so there you go.  With the new redesign, I lost a fair amount of nonsense content on the blog page.  As a result of this, I had to post about how to subscribe, which is sort of silly because that just means that all you foolish people who've agreed to receiving my spam reports will receive a notification on how to receive  my emails.  So, that is one reason I'm posting some random stuff tonight - so you don't get that message.  I hope.  Otherwise you're getting two random email notifications.  Sorry.  Sort of.

Another reason I'm writing this post is to give you all a visual update.  We have about two weeks left to go, and our prototype is marching towards the finish.  We have a soft opening - sort of like a beta launch - this coming Monday, so this video is a bit outdated to what we have now.  Nevertheless, take a look.  It's a choose your own adventure game!  About academic integrity!  Yay...

Signing off, SB


The game is called "A Fine Line" - we originally had "Unwritten Code" as the title, but got the feedback that it was a little obscure.  You can't please all of the people all of the time, but you better try if they're giving you a grade.  Sigh.