#27: Primary season comes to Pennsylvania!

 Comb-over on fleek

Comb-over on fleek

So back when I moved to Pittsburgh, I registered to vote in Pennsylvania because I figured it would matter more than voting in New York for this November.  Boy was I wrong!  This primary season was super important in New York, so that's sad.  Now I do get my chance on Tuesday, but it seems like the election is already a lost cause.  As various media outlets have already pointed out, we have entered into the twilight zone where the Simpsons predict the future.

Still image from A Fine Line

In other news, my academic project is coming to a close.  We have 1 more week left to debug, polish and wrap up our game, A Fine Line.  It's going to be a race to the finish, and I'm excited to  be done.  Academic Integrity... woof.  Here's an image from the experience, and I will post a link to it when it's complete.

 In personal news, I'm trying to pick up an Orlando summer sublet from current Universal interns from my program.  Maybe it's my New Yorker personality, but it's making me very nervous to just "go with the flow" and feel like it will work out.  I mean, that's why articles about camping out in your car need their own wikis.  Worst case scenario... best not to think about it.  I finally got my paperwork sorted through (sort of) and I'm pretty psyched to get started.   I'll be on the "advance technology team" and it's both scary and exciting.  I have to keep my #leaninstincts top of mind, and keep the #impostersyndrome at bay.  If you see me arguing with myself, move along.

"I don't belong!"
"Yes I do!"
"Interning is terrible."
"Shut up, no one asked me."

In final news, it's finally warm enough to go outside without a coat!  That means I'm out of excuses to start my marathon training. 7AM Staten Island Ferry, what up!

Until next post...