#31: Le retour

Dear reader, it has been many moons since my last post.


But 'twas an awesome summer full of magic, heatstroke, high humidity and daily thunder showers from 4-5pm. 


Since i can't talk much about what I did, I didn't bother posting. I worked on a project using VR which was pretty rad. Outside of work, I did a marathon Disney adventure, went to the uni park more times than I can count, attended a Yankees game in Tampa, hosted some friends for weekend visits, attended a conference about "serious games" for my student project, and began my career as a Pokemon go novice. 


Right now, I find myself back on the autotrain headed to DC, where I shall venture before my drive to Pittsburgh. From there, I unpack all my wizard garb and return to NYC. Though this trip north doesn't have my poopiepants  neighbor in tow, there is a lovely colon musk emanating from my neighboring car.  And that's colon not cologne. Yeah. 

More to come as I start my new semester. My project will entail working with a traveling exhibition called "the museum of broken relationships". Which in New York you might call Gristedes aisle 7. 


In final news, pray with me that my forgotten cooler of train snacks (which includes some yogurt and hard boiled eggs) survives the train ride in the trunk of my car. Huuuuuuuuge mistake. Windows down folks. 

Until next post, SB