#33: Updates from the multiverse

The Multiverse in question refers to my genetic whosamacallit.  

Christmas presents for the wang/boak household included 23andMe kits, which test your genetic code for carrier genes, traits and ancestry.  Lo and behold my genetic testing reveals: I am half asian, half european. I asian glow. I can detect asparagus in my urine (ew who can't?). I have 81% more Neanderthal variants than other 23andMe customers.  EIGHTY ONE PERCENT. But not to worry, that's only 4% of my overall DNA. Uhhhh. Ok. 

 Throwing the thumbs up!  

Throwing the thumbs up!  

In other updates, it has been 5 months since my last post.  In the break, I worked on a project called the Museum of Broken Relationships: Pittsburgh.  It was incredible and stressful.  And way way more experience with power tools and lumber than I ever want to have again.  Check out the page on my portfolio to read a little more and click on some of the press links to see quotes from yours truly about the project.  In other things I accomplished over my 5 month blog hiatus, I ran the marathon.  By running I mean jogging.  By jogging I mean intermittent jogging.  By intermittent jogging I mean crying.  Here's a picture! --> -->

(Don't even bother looking up my time.  You could've timed me via sun dial)

And in retail therapy news, I bought a new computer.  It's pretty.

This semester, I'm working on a student pitch project where we are using the Amazon Echo to create an interactive audiobook using AI and machine learning.  Don't ask me what machine learning is.  Actually it's pretty much what it sounds like.  Skynet.  I'm working with 3 other guys from my class, and everyone brings really unique perspectives.  I'll be working as the producer and writer for the story.  I'm pretty excited, and literally bought into the smart home thing, getting one for my studio in Pittsburgh, and one for my parents to yell "ALEXA, PLAY THE HAMILTON SOUNDTRACK" at in their dining room.

In quasi scary news (like rated G scary, not life and death scary) I am embarking on a startup with a classmate of mine.  We will be developing VR content, in a production house model.  Stay tuned!  

On that note, I leave you with the latest 3 pictures from my insta feed.  Pooches of longing, failure to (snowboard) launch, and dumpling making for the chicken new year.  #Newyearnewblogpost #1monthlater