#37: Well, there goes Fall

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Now back to our irregularly scheduled blog post:

I frequently find my blog posts languishing in draft form, often weeks after I begin to write them. There's a reason our generation only creates content in listicle form. 

I have a list of events since my last post, but honestly, it's been quite a blur. Here are the highlights:


Merav's Wedding:

We started from the Harbin, now she here. Sad (and FOMO'd up the wazoo) that I missed the official wedding, but made it to the international after party. Congratulations to you, Merav!!! As one of my 5 readers, you will see this (maybe).  I'm so happy I got the chance to share a small part of your celebration, and more importantly, that I saw the built-in thingamajig on the youknowwhat. You know what I mean. 

In less life-changing news (or maybe not, it depends where you get your joie de vivre I guess), New England feasting on fried clams, chowda and lobster is worth any weight loss derailment it causes. 

AlphaLab Demo Day: 

5 minute pitch, in front of 400+ people, on a stage I've seen rockers and pop stars perform on... yeah. I did my best to #leanin and feel all grown up. 

Strugglefest on the outfit, though. After being told I couldn't wear a black shirt (blends into the stage blah blah) I dredged up the only thing of color I owned in Pittsburgh... or in general. So here I am, in all my orange glory. Take it in world. 


Startup - Post Accelerator, Now What?

No update here, I'm seriously asking.

But if I have to give you an update, we just hustlin'. More updates once we finish our first project (the educational Holocaust VR experience). 

 This year vs Last year

This year vs Last year

NYC Marathon: 

This killed me. Thank you to all who virtually cheered me on via the app, and my parents who showed just the right amount of concern and nonchalance when I casually mentioned that I wanted to die at mile 17. Any more concern, I would have given up then and there. As it happens, there is nothing more disheartening than wanting to quit in the Bronx at mile 81979bdvhksd and realizing that you might as well finish because if you give up, it will take you a billion years to get home anyway so you need to suck it up and deal with it. And no one is crying for you because it's totally voluntary and you signed up and paid for this crap and what the hell is wrong with you and these are major first world problems. 

Needless to say, I am not entering the lottery again. 

Weight Loss Journey:

I've lost 17 lbs! Also, since joining weight watchers, I've been hooked on their social media section called "Connect". I tried posting on it a few times, but that didn't stick. What I'm addicted to is following everyone else's drama. Let's just say someone is not happy that her fiance left her 2 weeks before the wedding, after she just lost 50 lbs. Mmhmm. Girl. 

THAT'S ALL FOLKS. Until the next time.