#35: In which she attempts to reconnect with the blogo

Hello friends-


It's been a minute since I last wrote. In that time I:

  1. Graduated my master's program (yay)
  2. Started working on my startup (I'm having a hard time coming up with synonyms for "starting a startup, started a startup... you get the picture)
  3. Realized that I will not be immediately returning to new york city (cry cry)
  4. Began my training for the NYC Marathon 2017!! (Cry cry cry - don't even ask me). 
  5. My startup (that I'm... starting up... see what I mean?) is in production on our first project - a (drumroll) VR experiential documentary about the Holocaust. I went to Poland. Many pierogies, nary a vegetable, much depressing. 
  6. My startup is also part of an accelerator here in Pittsburgh. Yay!
    1. Side note, after 4 months of struggle to secure the ".COM" domain name for my company, it FINALLY became available. This, though petty, brought me tremendous joy. RIP ".WORK" URL, you won't really be missed.
      1. PPS - ".work" is indeed a URL, but apparently for new tech startups, the in fashion URL is ".IO" So yeah. 

I realize that the longer I wait to post on this here thing, the more I dread it because I want to write something extensive, include pictures, be witty, but I think it's counter productive to the whole idea of this. Which is, honestly, to give a superficial update of my life to people I may not get a chance to speak with on a regular basis. That way, when we do see each other, I don't have to talk about myself.

But really I'm overthinking this because I'm pretty sure my parents are the only ones reading each post: (Hello!)

"Love your post this week!"

"Why didn't you mention XYZ."

"Send me the link again, I lost it."

"Stop spamming me please." 

"I think you should probably stop eating carbs."

ANYWHOOSIE I promise to *try* and post once a week. I shall begin the chronicles of my #startup life. #leanin. 

In other news, I am listening to a podcast called "How I Built This" which is just a circle jerk for successful people, but I find it inspiring... As I am, after all, an *#entrepreneur*. But this tidbit also leads me to my latest obsession (learned from an episode of HIBT) which is the TRX, an amazing rope/suspension thingy that gets at muscles in my body that have not moved since they were constructed by my DNA. I used it at equinox back when I had a steady income (cry cry) but to be honest most of my memory of equinox consists of that one kettle bell class that injured my back and the eucalyptus moist cool towels. 

And with that, I depart.