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Companion App for Education Trip & Classroom Use | iOS Application | April 2018 - April 2019

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Journey with Howard Chandler is a forthcoming mobile application for iPhone and iPad, that will feature intimate interview footage of Holocaust Survivor Howard Chandler as he tells his life story, from childhood, through the Holocaust, and beyond. This experience will capture and preserve the core of what makes CWB’s Poland Personally trip special: Howard Chandler’s incredible story, presence, spirit and passion for Holocaust education.

The app will feature interactive interview footage with Howard, allowing users the ability to ask Howard the questions they want, and hear his firsthand account. Educators and students on the Poland trip will be able to engage virtually with Howard and integrate his story into the greater educational experience provided by CWB while on the trip. In the classroom, teachers will be able to use the app to engage virtually between Howard and their students in an interview-like setting.

The mission of this project is to preserve the incredible, personal and educational impact that Howard Chandler brings to educators, students, and the CWB community for years to come.


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Classrooms Without Borders

Dr. Tsipy Gur


Sarabeth Boak, Producer

Jaehee Cho, Creative Director

Tsung-Yu Tsai, Technical Director

Kyung Kuk Kim, Artist

Na Yeon Kim, Artist