Journey Through the Camps

VR Experience for Carnegie Mellon University | HTC Vive | July 2017 - July 2018

My Role: Project Manager / Producer, Story Writer & Researcher | STITCHBRIDGE VR

Journey Through the Camps is a VR experience that takes users through the spaces of the Holocaust, and gives them the chance to see these sites in context, hear survivor testimony, and understand the history beyond what film and books can provide.

Using computer animation recreated from reference materials (photographs, videos, etc), we wanted to produce an experience that brought students into the history much in the same way that students who visit Holocaust sites in Europe do when they tour the camps. We worked closely with our client to produce a piece that inspired students to learn more about the history, and something that professors could use to augment their curriculum in the classroom.

Journey Through the Camps is currently on display at Carnegie Mellon University in the Askwith Kenner Room.


Project Details


Carnegie Mellon University

Richard Scheines, Dean of Dietrich School of Humanities

Ralph Vituccio - Professor / Project Manager


Sarabeth Boak, Producer / Writer

Jaehee Cho, Creative Director

Tsung-Yu Tsai, Technical Director

Kyung Kuk Kim, Artist

Yu-Cheng Chang, Sound Designer


Classrooms Without Borders

United States Holocaust Museum


SIGGRAPH 2018 Educator’s Forum

SIGCSE 2019 | Invited Panel Talk